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Ted Marriott


Stay Well Chiropractic Pasadena

As a teenager I had a positive chiropractic experience that changed my life. It gave me the desire and an opportunity to become a chiropractor. I know I've found the profession that helps me dramatically change peoples' lives. I have been a licensed chiropractic doctor for 30 years and I feel excited going to work every day. During my chiropractic training I was introduced to many diversified methods. I feel the Activator Method is the best chiropractic technique for my patients. I use a hand-held, battery powered Activator instrument to adjust the joints of the body. It delivers a fast, specific and virtually painless treatment. This instrument method is directed by the doctor. The Activator Method shows where and where not to adjust. Activator does not twist or crack the joints. It gently taps the joints into proper alignment giving a more precise, accurate and gentle adjustment.


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