Chiching Lo (Cici) was borned and raised in Taiwan. Considering how well-spoken and experienced she is, you'd never guess that Cici moved to the United States just 6 years ago.  As a super performer, between 2016 and 2022, Cici completed two Masters of Science degrees at Boston University, adopted two cats, traveled 9 countries, volunteered to teach kids in Tanzania Africa, bought a home in Pasadena, became a real estate agent, and joined The Chou Team! 


Coming from an elite family of real estate investors and private school owners, Cici possesses a sharp business acumen and entrepreneurial pedigree that carries her well beyond her years.  Before coming to the States, Cici was the Principal of her family's private school where she managed over 100 employees and 1000 students and organized more than 50 staged events. With years of experience helping others, her ambitions have grown to serve bigger clients in real estate.


Bold, hardworking, intuitive, experienced, and fiercely committed, as your agent Cici will go above and beyond to help serve your needs.  With Cici’s expert local knowledge covering Brentwood to the San Gabriel Valley, whether you're looking to buy/sell your next home or invest for your family's future, you can trust Cici to help you accomplish your goals.  Thank you and we look forward to serving you soon!


Chiching Lo (Cici)
DRE# 02177419
Sales Partner