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How Remote Work Is Altering Home Buying Search Behavior?

Remote work altering home buying

The landscape of work in America has undergone significant changes, with remote work taking center stage. Experts predict that remote work will continue to be a prevalent trend, estimating that by 2025, approximately 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely. This represents a substantial 417% increase from the pre-pandemic era when there were only 7 million remote workers.

For individuals looking to purchase a home, especially those engaged in full or part-time remote work, this trend holds transformative potential. It serves as a valuable solution to navigate the current challenges related to housing affordability and inventory. How Remote Work Helps with Affordability Embracing remote or hybrid work enables a shift in your approach to finding a home. With the reduced emphasis on daily commuting, the necessity of living near your office diminishes. Exploring options a bit further out in the suburbs, as opposed to the city, can expand the range of affordable choices available to you. Fannie Mae's recent study highlights this trend, stating:

"Home affordability may also be a reason why we saw an increase in remote workers’ willingness to relocate or live farther away from their workplace . . ."

For those contemplating a move, having such flexibility in location can enhance the likelihood of discovering a home that aligns with your budget. Collaborate with your agent to explore a broader range of areas with a lower cost of living. More Work Flexibility Means More Home Options As you expand your search to encompass more budget-friendly options, you may discover the opportunity to get more features for your investment. Given the limited supply of homes for sale, finding a property that meets all your preferences can be a challenge.

Broadening your search widens the pool of available options, making it easier to locate a home that truly aligns with your lifestyle. This may include properties with more square footage, diverse architectural styles, and a broader array of neighborhood amenities that were previously beyond reach.

Traditionally, proximity to the workplace was a valued perk, often accompanied by a significant price tag. However, the current dynamics have shifted. With the flexibility of remote work, you now have the freedom to choose where you want to live, eliminating the burden of lengthy daily commutes. This shift allows you to concentrate on finding an affordable home that fulfills your dream features. Bottom Line Remote work extends beyond job flexibility; it presents an opportunity to expand your horizons in your home search. Liberated from a fixed location, you have the freedom to explore all your options. Connect with us to discover how this newfound freedom can guide you to your perfect home. 626-653-6903 | |

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